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Exceeds Expectation

Lisa’s tools (Colour Mirrors, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting) combined with her approachable, bubbly personality, ensure that each coaching session exceeds expectation. She deftly enables me to identify and clear limiting beliefs, fully supports change at a pace to suit and always finds something positive to say. Although I find some self-directed sessions challenging, Lisa remains calm, focused and professional throughout and fosters trust. I thoroughly recommend Lisa Barry to you!

Cerys W

Finally Found A Miracle

After 10 years of struggling with chronic health problems and adrenal fatigue and searching for a solution, taking good care of myself in terms of diet and exercise and supporting my body with nutritional support and homoeopathics… I finally found a miracle. After just two sessions with Lisa. I not only got my health back, but everything on every level in my life has taken off. Instead of just surviving, I am now thriving and feeling so happy.

Karen Robinson
Leominster, UK

Confident, Versatile And Compassionate

Lisa is a confident, versatile and compassionate therapist who can help you to address life challenges and to release traumas and emotional pain. I have worked with Lisa, via Skype, for more than a year and can attest to the benefits I have received. Because of our work together I have been able to transform many traumatic events from the past, and been encouraged to step outside my comfort zones as a practitioner. In addition to Matrix Reimprinting and EFT techniques, Lisa brings a wealth of training in other modalities such as Meta Medicine and Colour Mirrors that enable her to respond flexibly to what a client might need in the moment. Not only is Lisa dedicated to honing her skills and developing her abilities, but also her life experience of dealing with and overcoming a difficult family tragedy brings depth and understanding to her work. I can whole heartedly recommend Lisa and the services she offers!

Wendy Ayotte
Holistic Practitioner, Canada

Caring And Supportive

If I had to choose a Practitioner to work through my issues, I would want them to put me at ease and help me feel safe. I’d want them to be caring and supportive, someone I can trust. I would also want to delve deep and get results! And not little ones but really big results.. Having worked with Lisa I can honestly say she delivers all this and more. The unique blending of EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, Colour Mirrors, Light Matrix and Life Purpose enables Lisa to really identify and transform issues, illness or negative patterns swiftly, I would highly recommend her.

Denny Ellis
EFT/Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner

A True Guide And Inspiration

I had the pleasure of working as facilitator whilst Lisa trained with me as a Colour Mirrors Colour Teacher and I have to say what a privilege it was! From my experience and time with her it was very clear that she was going to be and already is a phenomenal Teacher!

Not only does Lisa have a wealth of experience and wisdom to offer, but she will surely be a true guide and an inspiration. Her wonderful calming voice and solid, dependable energy means that she will be able to hold the space in a way that is comforting and supportive whilst her clients make those important, positive changes in their life. I wish Lisa all the success in the world and l’m sure she is going to have lots of joy helping others to transform their lives!

Priscilla Elliott

Very Gifted Healer

To begin with – as with most healing modalities outside the ‘norm’ – I was more than a bit sceptical when I went for my first Colour Mirrors session with Lisa. How could a bunch of bottles filled with coloured liquid have any kind of impact on a person’s life, apart from looking pretty on a shelf? But, I was determined to keep an open mind and just go with it. If nothing else, I might learn something.

When I was asked to pick my first bottle, I found it quite difficult. There were so many to choose from and I felt a bit of ‘performance anxiety’: ‘Is this the ‘right’ colour? What does this colour mean? What if I choose the ‘wrong’ colour….?’ When I at last picked one, I was astonished by what she told me about that particular bottle! It resonated so much with what was going on in my own life and yet we had not spoken at all about any of that! As I began to relax and go with the flow, a whole new perspective on my life unfolded and by the end of the session I felt such a sense of relief and of a weight having been lifted. I didn’t know whether anything had changed, but I certainly felt much better than when I had arrived!

I went home with one of the bottles which was not only lovely to look at, but which also smelled wonderful and over the next few weeks, I used it in my bath and as a topical ‘tonic’ when I felt I needed a pick-me-up. Over time, the answer to a problem that I had been struggling to find became very clear and an issue that I had been dealing with for decades dissolved. I feel that the insights that I gained during my session with Lisa and afterward, opened the door, so to speak, enabling me to see my way ahead more clearly and I could not have been more astonished!

Lisa is a very gifted healer in her own right and her intuition and sense of right timing coupled with her gentleness and sense of humour makes her the perfect facilitator for this modality. Let her lead you on a magical adventure where the treasure you find at the end is yourself.

Jess H

One Of The Most Authentic People

I fell in love with Lisa, from the moment I met Lisa, she oozes such a high energy, I couldn’t help but be drawn to her. As I got to know Lisa, I realised she is one of the most authentic people I have ever met. She truly walks her talk and does the inner work necessary for her to live a life she loves and she has an undeniable zest for life and the lives of others. I highly recommend you work with Lisa, not only are here credentials second to none, her experience and ability are too. I’ve referred and continue to refer many clients to Lisa for that very reason.

Natasha Black

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