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Picture Tapping

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Picture Tapping Art therapy using EFT is a wonderful way of expressing through art what you are feeling inside that is unconscious, that you haven’t been able to say or convey but by accessing whilst being lost in the art and colour and combining EFT tapping it allows a natural release and by working through as many pictures as necessary, you arrive at a resolution or happy picture. A great tool for children and adults.

£85.00 - 60 minute Picture Tapping Session
£127.50 - 90 minute Picture Tapping Session

Complete Natural


As one of the few trainers in the Picture Tapping Technique, I rate the process very highly! We like to say that it is very effective for kids of all ages and if any technique can be fun, this one is it.

I therefore offer frequent trainings so that others can add this powerful and gentle technique to their ‘toolbox’ of skills for helping clients.

Every so often, I find a course participant who really ‘gets it’ from the outset, and Lisa was one of those people. She is a complete natural with PTT and I am so pleased that her clients are benefitting from her skill in this wonderful technique.

Best wishes

Fiona Truman

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