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About Lisa


Hello, my name is Lisa and I am here for you.

First and foremost, I am a trauma and grief specialist, using many different energy therapies. I use colour psychology, my absolute passion, to help you when you find yourself faced with the struggles and challenges that motherhood brings. I found energy psychology in 2005 and have been practising since 2007, so I have a wealth of experience of the many situations you may find yourself in.

Being a mother can be a continuous juggling act involving every emotion from your fertility journey all the way to being a grandmother! And I love helping mothers with anything to make their journey easier and more fun.

I also work with women and their relationship with their mother, with any challenges and trauma they are experiencing. This is very poignant if they are wishing to become a mother themselves or are new to their mothering role and find themselves feeling and experiencing similar challenges or may notice patterns repeating from the way they were mothered. Also, if they have experienced a traumatic childhood with how they were mothered, healing the trauma and changing their negative beliefs around what happened can be absolutely life changing and transform their current reality. I also support women and mothers through their loss and grief.

I am an Advanced EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner, EFT Trainer, Heal your Birth, Light Matrix, Meta Health Practitioner and Colour Mirrors Practitioner and Teacher, Reiki Master and Transformational Life Coach. I specialise in helping people move through whatever trauma or challenges they are facing to a new vibrant life of happiness and wellbeing, that they thought wasn’t ever possible again something that perhaps they never thought possible.

I use a host of different transformational tools to take away stress, anxiety, depression as well as negative thoughts and patterns, allowing the positive thoughts and energy to flow.


So if…

  • You’ve found yourself in a deep dark place, not knowing where to turn to next or how to get yourself up off the floor…
  • Your head is spinning, your energy has gone and your love of life is non-existent
  • You’re wondering if life will ever be the same again or in fact will you ever be happy again and you just don’t want to carry on
  • You want the Freedom to move Forward from this dark despair and fog

Then you’re in the right place.



It IS possible to feel a true love of life again and have the happy, healthy and successful life you have always wanted and deserve.

And I’m here to guide and support you.

I know what it feels like, because I’ve stood where you are now.

I too have been in all the above situations and felt all the same emotions but NOW I absolutely LOVE life with such passion and joy.

My life is full of happiness, joy, gratitude, fun, endless possibilities and adventure and a real sense of calm; knowing that all is as it’s meant to be and anything is possible.

From breakdown to breakthrough

FAMILY PHOTOI’ve been through my own journey of being in a dark place, the dark night of the soul we call it, including the ups and downs of divorce, raising my three children as well as looking after both parents through their journey with cancer… but it was a sudden life changing traumatic event that knocked me off my feet.

Eighteen years ago my children and I were happily on holiday in Spain, having just relocated, new schools and finally feeling life was back on track at last, when we were involved in a car accident which left my youngest son paralysed from the waist down due to a spinal cord injury.

At that moment I thought:

‘How can life ever be the same again?’
‘How will we ever be happy again?”
‘How can I carry on’?
‘Where do I begin”?
“How can I make life ok for my children”?

It was all too much to comprehend.

Months of operations, hospitals and rehabilitation followed as the four of us tried to adapt to a very different life.

Being a single parent trying to make sure everyone else was ok and coping with our new situation was testing to say the least.
Behind closed doors I was trying to cope myself and had resorted to a variety of different psychotherapies - even antidepressants which didn’t even touch the sides.

I was in trouble but didn’t know what to do or where to turn.

Just when I thought this was how it was going to be forever and how I was always going to feel, I was introduced to the fabulous world of Energy Psychology and my life was truly transformed!

It began with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) releasing the blocked energy caused by the trauma and negative disturbing thoughts and memories.

Add into the mix the amazing Matrix Reimprinting which is able to transform your beliefs made at the time of trauma and from there change your perception for the future.

I also trained as an Usui Reiki and Angelic Reiki Master which began my spiritual awakening. This helped me, along with Energy Psychology, to understand life on a whole new level, revealing the real meaning of my soul’s journey and soul contracts. This gave me a new peace and freedom, enabling me to move forward with confidence and joy.

lisa with dogColour MirrorsOne of my biggest passions is my love of colour in the healing process of trauma. It is amazing, powerful and yet gentle and also fun to work with.  The system I use is called Colour Mirrors which is the spiritual psychology of colour. This involves a collection of coloured bottles and essences which hold a high vibration of energy and light. These resonate with our body’s energies, as we are that too, and help process thoughts and emotions to gain clarity and understanding on situations.

In my continuing journey of exploration of Energy science, I trained in META Health,  Picture Tapping Technique and Matrix Birth Reimprinting, so I feel I am an Energetic Chef.
I love food and cooking and have an array of tools/recipes for whatever is needed for each and every individual – no recipe is ever the same as no person is ever the same!
Rest assured ,the process is always exactly tailored to you.

Interview with Lisa

Here is an interview with my friend and Colour Mirrors colleague Ann Bowditch about my story of my challenges through motherhood, and how I came to support women and mothers after my journey and transformation through trauma.

I love being out in nature on some lovely walks with my best friend Lily!

Amothersawakeningjourney aboutlisa3

lisa with dog

My professional training is proudly accredited by the following professional bodies:

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