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The Rose Gold Divine Mothering Journey

" I want to make a post shouting out Lisa Barry and thanking her for her incredible wisdom and guidance whilst I took part in her Rose Gold Journey Course.
The Rose Gold set & the Rose Gold Lady are truly magnificent & magical and like no other vibrational frequency I have experienced within the Colour Mirrors system. They are just ooozing with unconditional love and acceptance!
I struggled with quite deep mothering wounds that I couldn’t seem to quite shift with just the coppers, corals and pinks… with Lisa’s help & support I was able to explore and heal my issues around being mothered and also being a mother to my precious little fur baby Emmie (I adopted her in the weeks leading up to beginning the Rose Gold Journey). I’ve actually taken the leap of faith today and got a second kitty for her to be friends with. My family is growing!
I used to keep myself quite isolated and away from the world. I was a bit of an aloof loner, afraid to be seen. Experiencing the Rose Gold journey alongside Lisa was truly life changing. My heart space has never felt so warm and whole with love before.
Thank you! thank you! thank you! With utmost love, gratitude and respect to Lisa, as well as the Rose Gold Lady who loves us all soo deeply!
What a wonderfully graceful and magnificent experience this journey was, and will continue to be. For I believe a connection like the Divine Mother’s can never ever be forgotten once known!
If you are feeling drawn to the Rose Golds - I definitely recommend taking that leap of faith and exploring them”!



Magenta Journey

‘The Magenta Course feels like the completion of a journey through all the Colour Mirror bottles. Final lessons come home, echoed by aspects in one's own life, as always seems to happen during these courses. Initially these bottles appear almost dark and foreboding, and yet, through The Magenta journey one comes to love them more and to see and feel their light. When the time is right, these bottles are here for you. Lisa as always, takes us lovingly through them, with wise reflections and guidance to assist us on our way. Sharing's between us all, as always, are so worthwhile and insightful and we all learn from eachother! So many connections are made and explored. We also have fun along the way! I would highly recommend Lisa's Magenta course. Thank you so much Lisa for a wonderful Course and for being the very special guide that you are.'



Magenta Journey

‘I knew I had to embark on the Magenta Journey and I knew I had to do it with Lisa. To be honest, I didn’t like these bottles at all, all that dark magenta made me feel quite repulsed, so I knew I had to explore them.
Lisa is such a supportive, wise and beautiful soul, that I felt safe, held in a comforting place for the entire time. As these bottles were huge for me, and I needed that support, understanding and lightness to carry me through.
It’s been such an amazing four weeks, packed full of insights and revelations on all levels. I feel a big release and now have time to integrate it all.
Thank you Lisa for being such a remarkable teacher and kind guide. It’s truly a gift to be on Lisa’s courses.

Laura P, Brighton


Complete Natural


As one of the few trainers in the Picture Tapping Technique, I rate the process very highly! We like to say that it is very effective for kids of all ages and if any technique can be fun, this one is it.

I therefore offer frequent trainings so that others can add this powerful and gentle technique to their ‘toolbox’ of skills for helping clients.

Every so often, I find a course participant who really ‘gets it’ from the outset, and Lisa was one of those people. She is a complete natural with PTT and I am so pleased that her clients are benefitting from her skill in this wonderful technique.

Best wishes

Fiona Truman

Lisa Barry Is An Amazing Therapist


She’s somebody who you can trust to guide you on a magical journey of self-healing

Sharon King

Inspirational Lady With An Inspirational Story


Lisa is an inspirational lady with an inspirational story. While searching for answers for her own and her family’s issues she found EFT, experienced the benefits and went on to become the highly skilled EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner she is today.

With a wealth of experience of working with clients with a variety of issues, Lisa has many skills and therapeutic modalities to call upon to help you recover and improve your life and your health.

Lisa is a regular emotional helper on my courses, a role reserved for the most experienced EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioners as it often involves helping course participants who are in urgent need of emotional help, Lisa has always proven herself to be very intuitive, knowledgeable and skilled in this role.

Karl Dawson

Strength, Courage and Compassion


I met Lisa soon after she had a car accident with her three children. I visited each fortnight for nearly 2 years supporting Lisa with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) I observed how she gently over time cleared a mass of emotion, trauma and stress connected with the car accident. I knew one day she would be doing this work too. Lisa has amazing strength, courage and compassion and there are many who could benefit from what she has to offer.

Much love

Rowena Beaumont

Confident, Versatile And Compassionate

Lisa is a confident, versatile and compassionate therapist who can help you to address life challenges and to release traumas and emotional pain. I have worked with Lisa, via Skype, for more than a year and can attest to the benefits I have received. Because of our work together I have been able to transform many traumatic events from the past, and been encouraged to step outside my comfort zones as a practitioner. In addition to Matrix Reimprinting and EFT techniques, Lisa brings a wealth of training in other modalities such as Meta Medicine and Colour Mirrors that enable her to respond flexibly to what a client might need in the moment. Not only is Lisa dedicated to honing her skills and developing her abilities, but also her life experience of dealing with and overcoming a difficult family tragedy brings depth and understanding to her work. I can whole heartedly recommend Lisa and the services she offers!

Wendy Ayotte
Holistic Practitioner, Canada

Caring And Supportive

If I had to choose a Practitioner to work through my issues, I would want them to put me at ease and help me feel safe. I’d want them to be caring and supportive, someone I can trust. I would also want to delve deep and get results! And not little ones but really big results.. Having worked with Lisa I can honestly say she delivers all this and more. The unique blending of EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, Colour Mirrors, Light Matrix and Life Purpose enables Lisa to really identify and transform issues, illness or negative patterns swiftly, I would highly recommend her.

Denny Ellis
EFT/Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner

A True Guide And Inspiration

I had the pleasure of working as facilitator whilst Lisa trained with me as a Colour Mirrors Colour Teacher and I have to say what a privilege it was! From my experience and time with her it was very clear that she was going to be and already is a phenomenal Teacher!

Not only does Lisa have a wealth of experience and wisdom to offer, but she will surely be a true guide and an inspiration. Her wonderful calming voice and solid, dependable energy means that she will be able to hold the space in a way that is comforting and supportive whilst her clients make those important, positive changes in their life. I wish Lisa all the success in the world and l’m sure she is going to have lots of joy helping others to transform their lives!

Priscilla Elliott

Very Gifted Healer

To begin with – as with most healing modalities outside the ‘norm’ – I was more than a bit sceptical when I went for my first Colour Mirrors session with Lisa. How could a bunch of bottles filled with coloured liquid have any kind of impact on a person’s life, apart from looking pretty on a shelf? But, I was determined to keep an open mind and just go with it. If nothing else, I might learn something.

When I was asked to pick my first bottle, I found it quite difficult. There were so many to choose from and I felt a bit of ‘performance anxiety’: ‘Is this the ‘right’ colour? What does this colour mean? What if I choose the ‘wrong’ colour….?’ When I at last picked one, I was astonished by what she told me about that particular bottle! It resonated so much with what was going on in my own life and yet we had not spoken at all about any of that! As I began to relax and go with the flow, a whole new perspective on my life unfolded and by the end of the session I felt such a sense of relief and of a weight having been lifted. I didn’t know whether anything had changed, but I certainly felt much better than when I had arrived!

I went home with one of the bottles which was not only lovely to look at, but which also smelled wonderful and over the next few weeks, I used it in my bath and as a topical ‘tonic’ when I felt I needed a pick-me-up. Over time, the answer to a problem that I had been struggling to find became very clear and an issue that I had been dealing with for decades dissolved. I feel that the insights that I gained during my session with Lisa and afterward, opened the door, so to speak, enabling me to see my way ahead more clearly and I could not have been more astonished!

Lisa is a very gifted healer in her own right and her intuition and sense of right timing coupled with her gentleness and sense of humour makes her the perfect facilitator for this modality. Let her lead you on a magical adventure where the treasure you find at the end is yourself.

Jess H

Copper Journey

What a wonderful journey we have had with Lisa as our amazing teacher. We have explored so many layers within ourselves with each Copper bottle, with Lisa knowing all the right questions to ask, and probing and exploring anything that came up for healing in such a safe, nurturing and caring way. Lisa holds a sacred safe space in her Courses where anything can be expressed and explored. Lisa is such a wise 'old' Soul, possessing of great intuition, wisdom and deep understanding. This, mixed in with her natural warmth, kindness and care, makes it simply glorious to be in her loving presence. I looked forward to each class. I have now explored each Copper bottle in all its own uniqueness, and I'm so looking forward to my next Colour journey with Lisa. Thank you so much Lisa for everything and all the wonderful healing that has occurred in our Copper journey together. It is all greatly appreciated.


Expansion through Colour Mirrors

I completed the introduction to Colour Mirrors with Lisa. This is a great course to give you insight into the Colour Mirrors system, knowing if it is right for you. Lisa has a lovely energy, and the course is set in her home which is also in lovely energy surrounded by nature. Lisa is a wonderful teacher, very knowledgeable and also holds the space whilst you go through the process and processing what comes up for you. Through working with Lisa, I have gained more knowledge of Colour Mirrors and it has made me want to work more with them. I had a wonderful weekend, thank you Lisa.


Rose Gold Bottles

These bottles are gentle and sublime, totally epitomising the Divine Feminine and Divine Mother. However, I also see them as mighty goddesses, moving and shaking and encapsulating a powerful (and non-aggressive) punch. I love them all but particularly was drawn to Rose gold/Rose pink – Heart Healing. I immediately had the sensation that I needed to bath in her and actually the whole of humanity could bathe in her too, to open up all our hearts and to truly connect and be the beings of unconditional love that we really are.

Upon first seeing the Rose Gold collection, I immediately felt drawn to them. Rose Gold has always been my favourite type of gold, interestingly. Overall, I found the collection to be incredibly gentle and soft. As someone who had struggled with feeling complete comfort in feminine or mothering energy, for the first time I felt utterly safe and supported when connecting with the gorgeous bottles in this range. I realised that there really was nothing to fear all along. I am unconditionally loved, always have been and always will be.

I was particularly surprised when connecting with the Divine Healing bottle to find myself remembering a past life in Ancient Egypt. I was a young child lost among the tall reeds along a riverbank. I was frightened and crying. I had somehow lost my mother. Lisa did a wonderful job in guiding me with sending the magenta and rose gold colours down my timeline to help heal this past life experience. Since this experience my fears of abandonment and co-dependency seem resolved. I can now feel angelic, divine feminine nurturing all around me. I am never alone, and I am love.

The Rose Gold/Pale Rose Pink – Heart Healing, If feels like a very soft and nurturing energy, love wrapped around you with a touch of luxury, being looked after.


Heal Your Birth Session

I was privileged enough to have a rebirthing experience with Lisa. Lisa is an incredible Birth Mother. After establishing the full background of my family situation and history, Lisa gently led me into a going back into pre-birth, fully supporting me all the way with her reassurance, essences, questioning, and total love and care. My pre-birth self could then fully express all that they were feeling at that time, which was so healing, and something I had never thought about before. It enabled me to get in touch with that aspect of myself, and to re-frame it all in a positive and powerful way. Past life fears were cleared, family patterns were understood and also cleared, and Lisa then gently led me to the moment of birth in this lifetime. I happily experienced my birth anew, in beautiful surroundings, with beautiful energy and with full understanding of what my birth meant to my parents. This has empowered me and assisted me in knowing my role on this planet at this time. Thank you so much Lisa, and I would totally recommend everyone doing this, and especially with Lisa!


Rose Gold Bottles

These Rose Gold bottles pack a punch!! So soft and gentle, yet with hidden power as I'm currently finding out!!

The mothering journey - well who doesn't want to explore this further within the hidden depths of ourselves?!

These Rose Gold bottles and the Rose Gold lady, guide us to new insights, memories and strengths within ourselves. Through these beautiful bottles, we get to connect even more fully to our young selves, and all our many selves within, as child and if relevant, as Mother, in order to bring healing, wholeness and integration to our life's experiences so that we can go forward with lighter energies.

Currently on an amazing journey with these bottles myself, I would wholeheartedly recommend going on one of Lisa's Rose Gold workshops to assist facilitating your own personal healing. Lisa is a fantastically intuitive teacher and guide, who journeys alongside you with such huge personal depths of love and care, and you'll find yourself completely and lovingly supported throughout. There have been so many wonderful moments and huge shifts in the journey so far!

Lisa's Rose Gold workshops bring clarity, healing and not only that, they're also really fun to do! Come and see for yourself! Huge appreciation for the work you do Lisa! Thank you so much. xxx


Finally Found A Miracle

After 10 years of struggling with chronic health problems and adrenal fatigue and searching for a solution, taking good care of myself in terms of diet and exercise and supporting my body with nutritional support and homoeopathics… I finally found a miracle. After just two sessions with Lisa. I not only got my health back, but everything on every level in my life has taken off. Instead of just surviving, I am now thriving and feeling so happy.

Karen Robinson
Leominster, UK

One Of The Most Authentic People

I fell in love with Lisa, from the moment I met Lisa, she oozes such a high energy, I couldn’t help but be drawn to her. As I got to know Lisa, I realised she is one of the most authentic people I have ever met. She truly walks her talk and does the inner work necessary for her to live a life she loves and she has an undeniable zest for life and the lives of others. I highly recommend you work with Lisa, not only are here credentials second to none, her experience and ability are too. I’ve referred and continue to refer many clients to Lisa for that very reason.

Natasha Black

Exceeds Expectation

Lisa’s tools (Colour Mirrors, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting) combined with her approachable, bubbly personality, ensure that each coaching session exceeds expectation. She deftly enables me to identify and clear limiting beliefs, fully supports change at a pace to suit and always finds something positive to say. Although I find some self-directed sessions challenging, Lisa remains calm, focused and professional throughout and fosters trust. I thoroughly recommend Lisa Barry to you!

Cerys W

Colour Mirrors Practitioner Course

'What I have loved so far in my Colour Mirrors journey is the duality of colour. How it can uncover and then heal, how it raises questions and gives answers, how it can reflect darkness, transitioning into beauty. However you choose to use this soul enhancing system, you will not escape being moved, being surprised, being joyful, being stirred and being immersed in the wonderment and beauty that the vibration of colour does bring. There’s something about this course, that my human voice doesn’t have the words for, and that’s it really, this system goes beyond this planet, into the stars, the cosmos into all that is and then bounces magically back again into an oil or essence, earthed and full of starry light. It truly is everything. It truly is us. It truly is love.' ?
'Lisa and I first met some years ago on a Colour Mirrors Advanced Colour course. Little did we know that our paths would cross again, this time as teacher (Lisa) and student (me) respectively!
She has been the prism through which the Colour Mirrors system split my 'light' once more into its spectral components: each one to be examined, to be healed, to be loved. We've laughed, cried, wrestled, pondered, and all the emotional shades in between!
Following a divorce from a mentally and emotionally abusive 34-year-old marriage, I felt called, felt led to rediscover the person I'd 'lost' some 36 years prior when I met my ex-husband. I decided to retrain as a Colour Mirrors practitioner, having qualified with its predecessor ColourWorks about 20 years ago. Lisa has been like a sister (well I now call her my colourful sister, :)! who has helped me to re-birth myself; she’s a veritable doula in colour. Be brave. Find your light once again and SPARKLE! Lisa’s your lady!'
'I have a vague memory of my Aunt using 'coloured bottles' and playing with them when I was around 6 years old. That memory has stayed with me my entire life. This year, it was finally right for me to start my Colour Mirrors journey, and become a practitioner. When I found Lisa, and commenced my training, my world opened up, it began to make sense, I started to understand why I am who I am. If you feel you know there is something 'more' or perhaps something challenging you being able to be your best self.....discover Colour Mirrors.....discover Life!'
'The Colour Mirrors Practitioner's Course allowed me to find my tribe! Having struggled to find meaning in life as I knew it and with a strong urge to find out why I felt like I did, I crossed paths with Lisa Barry. The learnings throughout the course - the wisdom, the clarity, the 'WOWness', simply makes sense, and has changed me and how I live my life forever'.
'As a Colour Therapy and Holistic Therapy practitioner, I use the Colour Mirrors system both as a unique offering and also in collaboration with my other services to bring value, depth and confirmation to my clients. As a true believer in root cause, not symptom-based treatment, Colour Mirrors is an honest, effective and remarkable addition to my service portfolio'
'Lisa is professional, gentle, understanding and patient when teaching the Colour Mirrors Practioner's Course. Her encyclopedic knowledge and inclusive, non-judgemental attitude to everything and everyone, makes my journey even more special'.
'I am currently on Lisa’s Colour Mirrors Practitioners Course. I am absolutely loving every minute of it. This is truly an amazing course on so many levels. Each week we explore different colours in such depth with beautiful meditations, sharings and learnings. Not only are the colour mirror bottles and essences so interesting in themselves but what comes out of your engagement with them is quite literally life changing. Lisa’s way of sharing her knowledge and expertise is such a big part of this course and her professionalism, kindness and compassion shines through every week. I would thoroughly recommend this course to everyone’
'I first took my Practitioners training back in 2017. The course, my wonderful teacher Korani and the system changed my life in countless positive ways. When I had the opportunity to retake Practitioners again, I was thrilled to have the chance to re visit that life enhancing experience once again. I have been re enthralled, re inspired and once again uplifted to a new level of exploration of this magical system. Lisa is a truly gifted teacher, each of us on this course is held, nurtured and gently encouraged towards life changing realisations about ourselves and our path forward. I can only begin to express my admiration for Lisa as a teacher, the Colour Mirrors system and our group of souls who each week know WHY we meet together. The whole experience is beautiful, soul searching and empowering. I cannot begin to recommend Lisa’s course enough. Thanks to her my journey continues on an enlightened path'.
‘Lisa Barry is a phenomenal woman. The time I had and will continue to have with her and my fellow colour journeying souls is so very special. Lisa is a professional, gentle, understanding and patient teacher. Her encyclopedic knowledge and her inclusive acceptance of everything and everyone has made my journey to Light even more special. I am sooooo looking forward to my next courses with her and the other wonderful Colour Mirrors Practitioners.'
‘I can’t believe that the end of this amazing Colour Mirrors course is more than halfway through. There is soo much to learn - far more than I had imagined but Lisa’s relaxed and supportive teaching and guiding really does make it an exciting journey of discovery. I’m learning to use and notice colour more and more. I’m also fascinated with Lisa’s insights. Thank you Lisa and I hope many more will feel motivated to join your courses.’
‘Using the essences for support be it calming, energising, soothing or connection has been so helpful in so many incidences. Just breathing in and then reading up to find the magic in my choice(s). Bathing in the essences has also been rewarding! The wisdom in the book and Lisa’s input has helped me grow and I will use the skills in my practice one day’!

Thank you Lisa!


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