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Colour Soul Reading

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Numerology is the study of numbers and the way they reflect certain qualities and tendencies on a personality as well as a soul level. The numbers we are born with (our birthdate and name) give us insight into what we came here to do and the lessons we are likely to face in this lifetime. They show us where and how we can develop ourselves to fulfil our potential.

Numerologists believe that everything, including abstract concepts, can be converted into numbers and that those numbers have specific meanings. By finding the number value of any word or name, we can discover its hidden meaning.

Numbers play an important role in our lives. We are always connected to them by time, age, dates etc. When we begin to be conscious of them, we can associate them with the relevant Colour Mirrors bottles as well as the vast amount of information available in numerology and take their meanings deeper into our lives. This course is about seeing numbers though the lens of colour and Colour Mirrors, and opening to the greater levels of insight that come when we blend colour and numerology.

Colour Soul Readings are hugely revealing, powerful and rewarding. They enable us to see ourselves in full vibrant colour. Using colour and numerology together we can add fascinating depth to the readings we give others and to our understanding of ourselves.

Colour Soul Readings connect your birthdate and name with the Colour Mirrors bottles to uncover information about:

. Your life purpose and path
. The Outer you - how others see you
. The inner you - how you see yourself
. Your current life lesson
. Your soul colours and how they can enhance your life
. How your names reflect you


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My professional training is proudly accredited by the following professional bodies:

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