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Heal Your Birth

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Heal Your Birth created by Sharon King, enables you to go back to heal your birth trauma or your children’s which have a huge impact on your life with the belief that you made at the time of the trauma, therefore creating your reality to match your belief about yourself and what you made of the experience and your life and purpose.  Working in utero, pre-conception and post birth uncovers so much about who we have become and who we are in the present, but once we go back and release the trauma and change the experience, bring in love, support and our guides and change the belief about what happened and what it meant to you, you can watch the magic happen in your reality on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level!

You can buy Sharon's book Heal Your Birth, Heal Your Life here.


Lisa Barry Is An Amazing Therapist


She’s somebody who you can trust to guide you on a magical journey of self-healing

Sharon King

Heal Your Birth Session

I was privileged enough to have a rebirthing experience with Lisa. Lisa is an incredible Birth Mother. After establishing the full background of my family situation and history, Lisa gently led me into a going back into pre-birth, fully supporting me all the way with her reassurance, essences, questioning, and total love and care. My pre-birth self could then fully express all that they were feeling at that time, which was so healing, and something I had never thought about before. It enabled me to get in touch with that aspect of myself, and to re-frame it all in a positive and powerful way. Past life fears were cleared, family patterns were understood and also cleared, and Lisa then gently led me to the moment of birth in this lifetime. I happily experienced my birth anew, in beautiful surroundings, with beautiful energy and with full understanding of what my birth meant to my parents. This has empowered me and assisted me in knowing my role on this planet at this time. Thank you so much Lisa, and I would totally recommend everyone doing this, and especially with Lisa!


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