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group2I asked Melissie if she would create these beautiful Rose Gold bottles for my work supporting women and mothers, as Rose Gold represents the energy of the Divine Feminine, the Divine Mother, the Rose Gold Lady as we call her in Colour Mirrors! The Rose Gold top fraction (represents our conscious mind) allowing us to see what happens when we have and can feel that constant, ever present, unwavering, unconditional love of the Divine Mother which supports and allows us to go and look at all our past hurts, trauma and fragmented parts, softening and holding us with such love and compassion. Each bottle has a different colour on the bottom fraction (our subconscious mind) which helps highlight and heal the emotions connected to the issue.

They are subtle, gentle, soft, caring, and loving but extremely powerful energies supporting you on your feminine and mothering journey.
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Love and Compassion (Rose Gold/Pink)

This Rose Gold over Pink is a double dose of love.


Heart Faith (Rose Gold/Pale Turquoise)

This beautiful bottle is so gentle and holds you with such ...


Hope (Rose Gold/Pale Olive)

This bottle is there holding your hand or maybe an arm ...


Comfort (Rose Gold/Lilac)

This soft gentle expression of unconditional love of the ...


Divine Healing (Rose Gold/Magenta)

This combination goes so deep and allows some powerful ...


Safely Held (Rose Gold/Copper)

You are safely held by both the Rose Gold Divine Mother and ...


Heart Healing (Rose Gold/Pale Rose Pink)

Divine Healing Love, the most powerful of anything.


Courage (Rose Gold/Pale Orange)

This vibrant courageous beauty shines her light to you when ...


Perfectly Whole (Rose Gold/Platinum)

This bottle and its colours immediately bring you to a ...


Rose Gold Bottles

These bottles are gentle and sublime, totally epitomising the Divine Feminine and Divine Mother. However, I also see them as mighty goddesses, moving and shaking and encapsulating a powerful (and non-aggressive) punch. I love them all but particularly was drawn to Rose gold/Rose pink – Heart Healing. I immediately had the sensation that I needed to bath in her and actually the whole of humanity could bathe in her too, to open up all our hearts and to truly connect and be the beings of unconditional love that we really are.

Upon first seeing the Rose Gold collection, I immediately felt drawn to them. Rose Gold has always been my favourite type of gold, interestingly. Overall, I found the collection to be incredibly gentle and soft. As someone who had struggled with feeling complete comfort in feminine or mothering energy, for the first time I felt utterly safe and supported when connecting with the gorgeous bottles in this range. I realised that there really was nothing to fear all along. I am unconditionally loved, always have been and always will be.

I was particularly surprised when connecting with the Divine Healing bottle to find myself remembering a past life in Ancient Egypt. I was a young child lost among the tall reeds along a riverbank. I was frightened and crying. I had somehow lost my mother. Lisa did a wonderful job in guiding me with sending the magenta and rose gold colours down my timeline to help heal this past life experience. Since this experience my fears of abandonment and co-dependency seem resolved. I can now feel angelic, divine feminine nurturing all around me. I am never alone, and I am love.

The Rose Gold/Pale Rose Pink – Heart Healing, If feels like a very soft and nurturing energy, love wrapped around you with a touch of luxury, being looked after.

Rose Gold Bottles

These Rose Gold bottles pack a punch!! So soft and gentle, yet with hidden power as I'm currently finding out!!

The mothering journey - well who doesn't want to explore this further within the hidden depths of ourselves?!

These Rose Gold bottles and the Rose Gold lady, guide us to new insights, memories and strengths within ourselves. Through these beautiful bottles, we get to connect even more fully to our young selves, and all our many selves within, as child and if relevant, as Mother, in order to bring healing, wholeness and integration to our life's experiences so that we can go forward with lighter energies.

Currently on an amazing journey with these bottles myself, I would wholeheartedly recommend going on one of Lisa's Rose Gold workshops to assist facilitating your own personal healing. Lisa is a fantastically intuitive teacher and guide, who journeys alongside you with such huge personal depths of love and care, and you'll find yourself completely and lovingly supported throughout. There have been so many wonderful moments and huge shifts in the journey so far!

Lisa's Rose Gold workshops bring clarity, healing and not only that, they're also really fun to do! Come and see for yourself! Huge appreciation for the work you do Lisa! Thank you so much. xxx

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